The Mexico-European Union Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) is the main mechanism of political dialogue at the parliamentary level between the European Parliament (EP) and the Mexican Congress. The JPC has met biannually, alternating between Mexico and Europe, since 2005, making it one of the most successful and consistent bilateral dialogues. The JPC exemplifies Mexico and EU as like-minded global partners.


In September 2005, the European Parliament and the Mexican Congress adopted a resolution to establish the EU-Mexico JPC, composed of 28 permanent members, 14 from the European Parliament and 14 from the Mexican Congress (members of both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies).

Since its creation, the JPC has held 25 meetings to foster parliamentary relations and deepen a constructive political dialogue between Mexico and the EU.

The JPC is currently co-chaired by Senator Miguel Enrique Lucia Espejo, on the Mexican delegation, and MEP Teresa Jiménez-Becerril Barrio on the EU side.


The Mexico- EU JPC has been a forum to meet and exchange views, to foster closer relations and to conduct a public dialogue on the issues covered by the Global Agreement.

The JPC meets biannually, in Europe and in Mexico. The delegations of each country also meet regularly in order to prepare for the meetings of the JPC, and to keep Members informed on developments in the EU-Mexico relations.

Throughout the years the meetings have addressed numerous topics of relevance to the Mexico-EU agenda related to each of the three main thematic areas of the Global Agreement (economic partnership, political dialogue and cooperation).

Some of the key issues regularly discussed by the JPC are climate change and sustainable development, nuclear proliferation, human rights, migration, security, social cohesion and the modernization of the Global Agreement.

After each Committee meeting, a "Joint Declaration" is adopted to reflect the members' common goals on a variety of issues.




14th JPC Meeting EU-Mexico

23-24 May 2012

Strasbourg (France)

15th JPC Meeting EU-Mexico

2-4 May 2013

Mexico City and Cuernavaca (Mexico)

16th JPC Meeting EU-Mexico

19-21 November 2013

Strasbourg (France)

17th JPC Meeting EU-Mexico

15-17 April 2014

Strasbourg (France)

18th JPC Meeting EU-Mexico

19-20 February 2015

Mexico City (Mexico)

19th JPC Meeting EU-Mexico

7-9 July 2015

Strasbourg (France)

20th JPC Meeting EU-Mexico

9-11 February


Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende (Guanajuato)

21th JPC Meeting EU-Mexico

17-18 October 2016

Brussels (Belgium)

22nd JPC Meeting EU-Mexico*

22 – 23 February 2017

Merida, Yucatan (Mexico)

23rd JPC Meeting EU-Mexico*

27-28 November 2017

Brussels (Belgium)

24th JPC Meeting EU-Mexico*

13 – 14 February 2018

Mexico City and Cuernavaca (Mexico)

25th JPC Meeting EU- Mexico

11-12 July 2018

Brussels (Belgium)

* Available in Spanish.