Mexican development cooperation is coordinated by the Mexican Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AMEXCID) and developed through various strategies and mechanisms.

For us, cooperation is sharing the best of Mexico to address global challenges and grow together. We work with specialists and build strategic partnerships with the private sector, academia, civil society, local governments, and parliamentarians to coordinate our cooperation efforts in order to reduce inequality, strengthen institutions, enhance the quality of life, and, therefore, contribute to sustainable human development.

Mexico is a development cooperation partner with a dual character as we provide and receive development cooperation. On the one hand, we share best practices, knowledge, and expertise to strengthen capabilities in developing countries, particularly in Central America and the Caribbean. On the other hand, we work with key partners to enhance our own national capabilities, improve our institutions, and generate tangible results for Mexico´s development.


This dual character allows us to engage in triangular cooperation in a multi-stakeholder approach. We partner with other donors to develop joint cooperation initiatives in other developing countries.  Accordingly to this, Mexico has more than 20 triangular cooperation projects in Central America, 12 of them with European countries (6 with Germany, 4 with Spain, one with the United Kingdom and one with Switzerland).

Although the priority region is Central America, Mexico has a dynamic bilateral cooperation with South America, the Caribbean, and Africa. In South America, in particular, we have engaged in horizontal exchanges with mutual benefits through joint South-South cooperation funds established with Chile in 2008 and with Uruguay in 2009. Both are currently active.

With regard to financial cooperation, Mexico established the Infrastructure Fund for Mesoamerica and Caribbean (Yucatan Fund) in 2011.