Mexico-EU cooperation mechanisms

The 2007-2013 Mexico-EU cooperation program focused on three main priority sectors: sustainable economy and competitiveness, social cohesion, education, and culture. Currently, the Social Cohesion Laboratory II (2013-2018) is the main bilateral project between Mexico and the EU. It has a co-financed budget of 22 million €.

In addition to the Social Cohesion Laboratory II, México and the EU cooperate through:

  • Programs managed directly by the EU on issues such as human rights, environment and climate change, science and technology.
  • Partnership Instruments aimed at middle-high-income countries to work on issues of mutual interest (for example, Low Carbon Business Action in Mexico).
  • EU global educational initiatives such as Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020. Mexico is one of three counties to create a fund directed at supporting the participation of its institutions in the H2020 initiative.
  • Regional programs, directed specifically at Latin America: SOCIEUX +, EUROsociAL, EUROCLIMA +, EL PACcTO
  • The Latin America Investment Facility (LAIF) is an innovative financial mechanism that combines subventions from the EU Commission with loans from European and Latin American financial institutions, plus the contribution of other Latin American partners with the purpose of promoting additional investments in the transport, energy, and environment sectors.