Multilateral Affairs


Mexico and the Union are strategic partners and share fundamental political values, such as our commitment to multilateralism and a world order based on equitable, collectively agreed rules. In this context, in light of a long history of clear coincidences in international initiatives and forums to face major global challenges, during the visit of the Mexican Vice-minister for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights to Brussels in 2019, a High Level Meeting on Multilateral Affairs was held in view to creating a more solid institutional platform for prospective dialogue on this matter.

Moving ahead on this initiative, on November 5, 2020, the Mexican Vice-minister for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights, Martha Delgado Peralta, and Under-Secretary General for Economic and Global Affairs of the European External Action Service, Amb. Stefano Sannino co-chaired the First Mexico - European Union High-Level Dialogue on Multilateral Affairs.

The institutionalization of this High-Level Dialogue is part of the ongoing strengthening of the Strategic Association between Mexico and the European Union and will enhance its multilateral projection. This step forward has special significance in the current context of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts, which has highlighted the imperative of concerted action at a global scale.


Mexico and European Union hold First High-Level Meeting on Multilateral Affairs