The modernized agreement is an ambitious, innovative, and comprehensive instrument, committed to multilateralism and a rules-based order, sustainable development and social inclusion.

It is built on our shared values and provides a solid platform for enhanced political dialogue, effective development cooperation and, based on our openness and complementarities, reinforced trade and investment.

It structures a more systematic and results-oriented political dialogue up to the level of summits, reinforces our existing inter-parliamentary dialogue and decisively incorporates the contributions of civil society.

The agreement also provides for the strengthening of our high-level sectorial dialogues and cooperation mechanisms in areas such as multilateralism, human rights, gender equality, migration, rule of law, digital agenda, science and technological innovation, sustainable development and international cooperation for peace and security.

The agreement will sharpen our bilateral scientific and technological cooperation and will serve to set innovative triangular and regional cooperation schemes with the concurrence of the public and private sectors.

On trade and investment, a much broader and mutually beneficial access to Mexican and European markets has been reached with a win-win spirit, including the most advanced disciplines as well as pioneering commitments in support of the fight against corruption and the full alignment of economic cooperation and sustainable development and social inclusion.