Protection of Tequila


On March 20, 2019, the European Union granted the registration of "Tequila" as a Geographical Indication to the government of Mexico, the highest recognition within the EU to protect this spirit drink against counterfeiting and unfair competition.

Tequila is the first Mexican Appellation of Origin protected by the EU as a geographical indication under Regulation 110/2008.

Although Tequila was protected in the EU through a specific agreement on the mutual recognition and protection of designations for spirit drinks, this new recognition means additional protections for Mexican producers in the agro-industrial chain of this drink with respect to imitations or uses of the Appellation of Origin Tequila in EU countries, which contributes to diversifying and increasing Mexican exports to this part of the world. It also brings advantages to the consumer in terms of ensuring the characteristics and quality of the sealed product.

The Appellation of Origin Tequila is a mechanism for the protection of industrial property that allows promoting the economic development of communities through investments and direct jobs, as well as through services such as tourism.

The registration is available in the following link: 

 The European Commission hands over the certificate of registration for Tequila