Participation of Mexico in the EU regional programs


Mexico takes part in the following EU regional programs directed to Latin America:

SOCIEUX +: It is a technical assistance mechanism that supports the creation of social protection systems and inclusive employment policies. For updated information on SOCIEUX+ technical assistance in Mexico, visit the following link:

EUROsociAL: It promotes to reduce inequality, improving social cohesion levels and strengthening the institutions of 19 Latin American countries. It provides support to the design process, the reform and implementation of public policies, focusing in gender equity, democratic governance and social policy. For more information about EUROsociAL in Mexico, visit the following link:

EUROCLIMA+: Mexico takes part in EUROCLIMA+, the EU's flagship cooperation program on environmental sustainability and climate change with the Latin American region. Its objective is to reduce the impact of climate change and its effects in Latin America by promoting climate mitigation, adaptation, resilience and investment. For updated information on the EUROCLIMA+ projects in Mexico, visit the following link:

EL PAcCTO: The Europe Latin America Technical Assistance Programme against Transnational Organized Crime (EL PAcCTO) is a joint initiative of the European Union and Latin American countries that was originated in 2015. For updated information on this program, visit the following link:

LAIF: is one of the European Union regional blending facilities, which aims to mobilize funds for development projects by combining EU grants with financial resources from European and regional financial institutions, governments and the private sector. For updated information on projects in Mexico, visit the following link:

AL INVEST 5.0: Its main objective is to promote internationalization and foster productivity in thousands of micro-small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Latin America. More information on the invitations to tender, testimonials and activities can be found in the following link: