Mexico - EU Cooperation Mechanisms


Cooperation is the third pillar of the relationship between Mexico and the EU, along with Political Dialogue and the Economic Association.

Its inclusion in the 2000 Global Agreement provided Mexico and the EU with a valuable tool that has allowed us to strengthen ties, diversify exchanges, establish flows of knowledge and experiences and develop joint projects on issues that are the expression of shared values and interests.

Currently, Mexico and the EU cooperate through the following mechanisms:

Programs managed directly by the EU on topics such as human rights, environment and climate change, science and technology.
Association instruments aimed at upper-middle income countries, to cooperate on issues of mutual interest (for example, Low Carbon Business Action in Mexico). The current projects of the Association Instrument can be consulted at the following link:

Global EU education, research, science and technology initiatives such as Erasmus + and Horizon 2020.

The modernized Global Agreement will provide the opportunity to strategically strengthen cooperation efforts between Mexico and the European Union, through the establishment of a "Subcommittee on Development Cooperation", which aims to supervise the implementation of cooperation activities on the topics of section II of the said Agreement and will allow the development cooperation dialogue reinforcement between both parties.